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0.001g~20g LCD Digital Pocket Jewelry Gram Scale Balance g/ oz/ ozt/ dwt NADS

0.001g~20g LCD Digital Pocket Jewelry Gram Scale Balance g/ oz/ ozt/ dwt NADS
Tare function
Weighting Modes: G, OZ, DWT, OZT, GN, CT
Power: 2 x  AAA Batteries
3 minutes of auto off function
Automatic alarm by low battery 
Backlight: Blue backlight (optional))
Size: 110 x 22 x 47.5mm
Weight: 77g
Size of stainless steel pan: 37 x 37mm
Color: Black
Price: $28.00
Our Price: $21.60
You Save: $6.40 (23%)



Put the scale onto a flat surface
1, Press on, wait for 5 seconds till it shows 0.0
2. Put the object onto the pan, when the s shows on left up, the scale is  showing the weighting value of the   object.

3. Use MODE key to change the unit g/ oz/ ozt/ dwt(TL)/ ct/ gn.
4. Press Tare, it shows zero.
5 Press off to turn off the scale.

Press on till it shows 8888 and 0.0. Press on again and hold it for 3  seconds till it displays 0. Then release the button. It displays the verifying  value like 500.0 or 100.00 etc. When g is flickering, press the weight onto  the pan. The weight value should be the capacity value of the scale. 5 seconds  later, g stops flickering. The calibration is over.

Take off cover  lightly and carefully when use. Put the scale on a stable, flat surface without  shaking, wind influence.
Dont put heavier  object than the capacity of the scale onto the pan. This can give damageto the  load cell.
Dont strike the  pan of the scale. Handle with care.
Dont use mobile  phone within 50 cm distance to the scale. This can influence the accuracy of the  scale.
When the S  shows on the left up, the scale is showing the weighing value.
When it shows  battery mark, please replace the battery.

When the  object weight is over the capacity of the scale, it shows ERR mark.


Availability: Usually ships within 24-48 hours
Weight: 0.5 kg

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