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2.4GHz 4-channel palm wireless mobile AV receiver, with 4 X 208C(AF012)

Wholesale 2.4GHz 4-channel palm wireless mobile AV receiver, with 4 X 208C(AF012) -
Price: $227.76
Our Price: $193.42
You Save: $34.34 (15%)



4 Wireless Mini-Spy Cameras + MP4 Player Handheld Wireless Receiver set. MP4 Player Receiver has 128MB expandable via SD card.


  • 2.4GHz 4-channel palm wireless mobile AV receiver
  • AVI format MPEG-4 wireless AV recorder, with real-time clock display
  • MP3 Player, MP4 player, picture browse
  • Wired AV recording also supported
  • 882x228 high-definition 2.5 inch TFT LCD display screen
  • Inbuilt with 128MB memory
  • MMC/SD card slot
  • OTG and high-speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Rechargable high-capacity polymer lithium battery, 5 hours of continuous play time
  • Dimensions: 105x73x28mm (LxWxD)


  • picture sensor: 1/3" OmniVision CMOS
  • Effective pixels: PAL: 628x582 / NTSC: 510x492 Horizontal rolution: 380Line
  • Visual angel: 54deg
  • Min illumination: 3Lux
  • Frequency: CH1= 2414MHz; CH2= 2432MHz; CH3= 2450MHz; CH4= 2468MHz
  • Transmit distance: 100M
  • Power supply: DC8V/200mA
  • Operating temperature: -10 ~ +50degC
  • Demension: 42x35x53mm (LxWxD)
Availability: Usually ships within 24-48 hours
Weight: 0.55 kg

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