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7kg / 1g ~ 7000g 7 KG LCD Digital Postal Food Diet Kitchen Weight Scale Waage

7kg / 1g ~ 7000g 7 KG LCD Digital Postal Food Diet Kitchen Weight Scale Waage
WH-B series electronic kitchen scale  is a new production with high  precision.Used in family kitchen  food weighing,common Traditional  Chinese Medicine weighing,etc. With  the characteristics of fine  shape,high precision,multi-unit  conversion,fast response,stable  weighing,etc.
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Our Price: $20.70
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 High internal resolution, fast  response and good stability
Weighing and tare function
with g, lb, oz units conversion
 High precision strain gauge  sensor
 Auto zero-auto off
 Low battery/overload indication
 Muti-unit display
power supply: 2xAAA  batteries(Not included)
 large LCD backlight display
Auto power-off feature ensure  long battery life
Suitable for household, kitchen  or, multi-purpose use
Capacity: 7kg /1g
 Working Voltage: 2.4V - 3.5V
 Working current ≤5mA
 Shutdown current ≤2μA

 1.When the total weight on the  scale plate is over the label  range's 105%,it will display  "O_Ld" means overload. You  should remove the goods  immediately,reduce the weight  and weight it again, continuous  overloading will damage the  scale.
 2.Display "Lo" when power on  indicates low power,you should  replace battery
 3.You should remove the battery  from the scale when you do not  use it in a long time for a  avoiding leakage to damage the  scale   


 Color: White & Black
 Main body size: 220*149*30mm
 Package size: 224*170*42mm
 Net weight: 420g



Availability: Usually ships within 24-48 hours
Weight: 0.5 kg

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