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Shoulder Massager Beat Massager

Wholesale Shoulder Massager Beat Massager -
Price: $128.29
Our Price: $80.99
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This shoulder massager can bring you wonderful massage enjoyment just like another one massages your shoulder because it is based on the principles of human physiology and adopts reasonable and compact structure to simulate human hands.

1. It selects high-quality leather exterior which is breathable and wear-resistant.

2. The appearance is very fashionable.

3. Five kinds of massage and let you feel as if there is a person beat on your shoulder use his hands.

4. It can let your back feel warm.

5. Equipped with automatic and manual massage program and after turning on the power it will turn into the automatic mode.


Simple operation and it is suitable for all age group.

The Product Efficacy of shoulder massager:

1.ease your shoulder pain caused by working pressure or domestic labor etc.

2. ease your shoulder pain caused by sleep stiff neck.

3.ease your shoulder pain caused by poor blood circulation for the past many years. you burn fat and promote weight loss.


Basic parameter of Shoulder Massager:

Product name: Shoulder Massager

Product specifications: 400×115×215MM

Gross weight: 2.7kg

Rated voltage: 220V~50HZ

Rated power: 80W

Rated working time: 30min

Weight: 0.6 kg

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