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E cigarette - Anti Cigarette Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Wholesale E cigarette - Anti Cigarette Nicotine Replacement Therapy -
It Looks like a cigarette, Feels like a cigarette, Taste like a cigarette, But it is not a cigarette. It is just so much more...Now you can start a new beginning for a healthy lifestyle,which also creates an enviromental friendly living space for your family and friends. This electronic cigarette with no tar and other carcinogenic substance or harmful ingredients to human body. No ignition required, without the danger hence will not lead to the of over 4000 chemical.Say goodbye to matches, lighters, ashtrays and any other pesky add-ons which hike up the cost of smoking and can also be dangerous around young children.
Price: $41.99
Our Price: $21.49
You Save: $20.50 (49%)

China Health Care Wholesale - E-Cigarette - Anti Cigarette Nicotine Replacement Therapy,Electronic Cigarette consists of lithium ion battery, micro-electronic circuit, atomizing chamber, and indicator light at the head of the Electronic Cigarette. It can make smokers enjoy the same pleasure as that of traditional cigar when inhaling the nicotine smog droplet, imitating the whole process of smoking.
Electronic Cigarette creates a healthy smoking cultural atmosphere, and has been eulogized by authoritative experts as the perfect combination of modern micro-electronic technology, biological technology and the conception of healthy life.

• Stainless Steel Shell
• Micro-computer control Circuit
• Atomization Chamber/ Cartridge
• Atomized Cartridge: High Purity liquid Nicotine (based on WHO recommended
• nicotine replacement therapy)
• Cartridge Duration: 400 Smoke Mouthfuls (Aprox 30 cigarettes)
• LED Light Tip to simulate cigarette glowing tip
• Tip will blink repeatedly if smoke inhaled 16 times or more in a minute
• Power Source: Rechargeable built in Lithium Battery
• Dimension: Components Together- 153x10x10mm (LxWxD)
• No ignition and not a fire hazard
• No tar, carcinogenic substance, or other harmful ingredients
• Safe for second hand smoking
• 5 Cartridges included
• x2 High- 1/6 nicotine content of normal cigarette
• Medium- 1/10 nicotine content of normal cigarette
• Low- 1/12 nicotine content of normal cigarette
• None- No nicotine, but real tobacco flavor
Package Contents:
• 1 x Atomizing device
• 1 x Charger
• 5 x Atomized cartridge
• 1 x Instruction Manual
• 12 months
Packaging Details:
• Packing Material: Color Box
• Package size: 16.5x11.5x4.5cm
• Shipping carton: N. W.: 14.0kg G. W.: 15kg
• Packing: 30pcs/ctn
• Carton size: 44.5*32.5*52(cm)
Weight: 15 kg

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