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Eyecare Massager - XFT-660

Wholesale Eyecare Massager - XFT-660 -
Price: $52.00
Our Price: $43.96
You Save: $8.04 (15%)

Magnetic therapy:

This massager has been claimed to relieve pain and to have therapeutic values against a large number of diseases and conditions, and the most common being the improvement of blood circulation. Magnetic therapy has a well-being effect upon body.

Heat therapy:

Traditional Chinese medicine heat therapy helps to enhance blood circulation. Heat therapy for eyes can improve blood circulation in the eye, and relax the eye muscles immediately. Different temperature changes are available in heat therapy.

Air pressure massage:

Diversified air pressure massage modes simulate human's fingers massage. The further boost blood circulation in the eye to alleviate eye tension and fatigue.

Vibration massage

15 diversified vibration massage modes can make you enjoy the great relaxing experience in the eye and brain.

Weight: 1 kg

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