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Payment Methods

What type of credit cards are accepted by Waysale?  Rate it


How to pay Via Credit Cards  Rate it

Pay with Credit Card on WaySale is fairly easy,just inpute the card number and expire date,that's it.

Pay via  Google Checkout Credit card Gateway is also very easy,just follow the instruction stey by step,you will complete the payment easily. Any more questions about google checkout credit card payment please contract at for Live Help or for email support

Why my order need verification?  Rate it

The Credit cards issused outside of USA is not covered by our company Auto Verfying System,to verfiy the account holder status and also confirme if the payment is an authorized payment, we sometimes request for utility bill,credit card bill,driver licence or passport which will have the same name with the order shipping addrss for verification reason.

We reserve the rights to cancel all of  the order that potentially high risk,suspecious,verification files requested not answered,verification files requested not passed verification process

To Avoid Credit Card Fraud is our basic business rules.Anyone should not try to Fraud on WaySale

For more details of payment please contract us at