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Intelligent Alarm Door Lock for Home (SZQ094)

Wholesale Intelligent Alarm Door Lock for Home (SZQ094) - waysale.com
Price: $133.12
Our Price: $113.34
You Save: $19.78 (15%)



  • An alarm of 180 decibels can be effected for both entry or vibration activation of alarm.


  • HIgh safety ensured, basically different from the universal remote-controled theftproof devices.
  • With the alarm triggered, the advanced set cell phones or telephones will be automatically connected and  an alarm of 180 decibels can be effected at the same time.
  • Durability and extremely simple to use: with stainless steel lock, all parts anticorrosive and weatherproof.
  • With the same installing place with the universal rolling gate.
  • Pls carefully read the product specification before its use.
  • Better to install at a covert place.
  • Correct line in and out set.
  • Keep host computer away from TV, computer, radio etc.
  • Alarm voltage: 12V
  • Suspend current:<5uA
  • Operating current:≤20MA
  • Host computer voltage: AC220V
  • Transmitting distance: min 100m outdoors without block
  • Alarm: ≥120db
  • Spare battery for alarm box: DC9V
  • Power: ≤3V
Availability: Usually ships within 24-48 hours
Weight: 1.5 kg

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