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Kingston USB 2.0 Data Traveler - 1GB

Wholesale Kingston USB 2.0 Data Traveler - 1GB (DTI/1GB) -
Price: $11.13
Our Price: $9.47
You Save: $1.66 (15%)

If you're tired of using multiple floppy disks or waiting around while your digital files burn to a CD, you need the Kingston DataTraveler. It's a portable flash drive that can be used in virtually any device with a USB port. Plug it in, drag and drop your files into the DataTraveler, unplug it and slip it into your pocket. Go across country, across town or across platforms.

Lighten your load without emptying your pocket. Ideal for budget-conscious users, the affordable DataTraveler puts mobile USB storage in nearly anyone's hands. This pocket-sized dynamo deftly handles general applications, and makes a great promotional item, too.

Now you can store, carry and transfer large files in an affordable, convenient device - the DataTraveler from Kingston. As easy as click and drag, the DataTraveler can hold just about any digital file you can think of: term papers, theses, digital images, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

The DataTraveler is an easy and useful tool with a variety of applications. This little device offers super mobility storage solutions for computer users, technicians and consumers; for use with PCs, PDAs, MP3 players and for computer game storage.

USB Ports
USB ports are found on most desktops, notebooks and PDAs. You simply plug the DataTraveler into your system's USB port and the DataTraveler will appear as a separate hard drive on your system. And separate drivers are not needed for the DataTraveler on operating systems. (except Windows® 98 in which we include that on a CD right in the box)

No Need for Floppies
The DataTraveler can replace the floppy drive as an easy way to transfer data to your computer by way of the USB 2.0 port. Floppy drives contain only 1.44MB of storage space and some PC's no longer are equipped with a floppy drive, The DataTraveler fills a storage need and with capacities up to 1GB.

Easy Downloads
The DataTraveler provides an easy method for quick downloads, transferring digital files, backing up critical information or transporting files between systems. MIS departments can also use it as a backup drive. It can be a personal solution for increased storage or security (save to this drive and go).

Easy Transportability
The DataTraveler is an easy and lightweight method for business travel or personal use. Just load your presentation or pictures onto the DataTraveler, get to your destination and plug it into a computer there. Click on the drive and you are rolling

- Capacity: 1GB
- A virtually universal portable flash drive that:
- can be used in a multitude of devices
- can store all kinds of data
- has the speed of a memory chip
- has the portability of CompactFlash
- is small, sleek and lightweight
- Convenient - pocket-sized with lanyard to wear or for easy transportability
- Simple - just plug-and-play into a USB port
- Compatible - works with Windows® 98†, Me, 2000 and XP; Macintosh OS 9.x, 10.x
- Shielded - protective plug-in cap
- Fashionable - sleek profile and hip design
- Customizable - co-logo program available
Availability: Usually ships within 24-48 hours
Weight: 0.1 kg

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