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XFT-320 Low Frequency therapeutic Electrical Stimulator Massage (XFT-320A)-FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

Wholesale Electrical Stimulator (Massage) - XFT-320  -
XFT-320 (XFT 320A) Low Frequency therapeutic  Electrical Stimulator Massage  is a device  generate weak electricity to massage and cure illnesses.
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Low electromagnetic wave physiotherapy
Human body generates very weak electricity that is not easily recognized. However it very sensitively responds to external electric stimulation. Electric treatment is to use this character to treat illnesses, pains and many other problems. Accordingly, if the low frequency waves are made to flow properly through the adjustment of strength and speed, they generate very rhythmical and smooth stimulating effects. Smooth stimulation by low frequency waves creats massage effects, such as tapping, pressing, rubbing and kneading.

Product basics

  • XFT-320 adopts digital control system, it does not give any uncomfortable feeling, such as stinging or prickling.
  • Its usage mode, body part, speed and time control are very well combined to make it convenient for being used.
  • It allows users to select 7 different types of modes and speeds and even to make changes while in use.
  • It maximizes effect through installation of four different kinds of automatic programs to be applied to symptoms or affected parts of the body
  • If the adhesive pad is not attached properly, it is automatically turned off for safety considerations.
  • It will be automatically shut off in 15 minutes if the device is not in use in order to prevent batteries from being used not necessary.
Package Contains :
  • 1x Main body
  • 2x Therapy pad
  • 2x Pad housing
  • 1x Acupuncture pen
  • 2x Cable
  • 1x Therapy gel
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Manual

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