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Multi Color Super Slim Card Size Small Mobile Phone

Multi Color Super Slim Card Size Small Mobile Phone also known as pocket phone, wallet phone and business card, has become one of “the world’s smallest mobile phone”, “the world’s lightest mobile phone” and “the world”s thinnest mobile phone”.
CARD not only refers to the concept of a “card”, but the design idea of "Compact And Revolutionary Designs" which means "streamlining size," function-rich "and" revolutionary innovation "in design, breaking the old thinking and traditional design stereotype to create a series of portable boutique, designed specifically for mobile populations.
The exquisite compact is like the appearance of "calculator", "remote control". Its weight is only 35g and the thickest body is 6.3mm. So it is pretty convenient to carry. This mobile phone has three series:
Classic Series: CARD Phone CM1: Darjeeling red, pink roses, piano white, mirror black, green, mysterious purple, blue sky, orange.
Crystal series: CARD Phone CM1_T:Ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, amber, crystal black, crystal violet
CARD Phone CM1_F: platinum theme, the theme of black and silver, leopard theme, cat theme, camouflage theme, the robot theme, Beagle theme.
The basic functions: Input method: Chinese Simplified Pinyin input method, Chinese Traditional phonetic input method, English input method. Input way: keyboard. Call records: Received + dial + missed calls. Address Book: Group management. Support functions: SMS, Speakerphone, Profiles, Calendar function, Alarm clock function, Calculator function, Radiation protection functions. Not Support functions: MMS.
Other functions: Call functions: Call transfer / Call waiting / Call hold / Call time. Call records: Call History / Received calls / Missed calls / Speed. Scene modes: The conference mode / Outdoor mode / Indoor mode / the Headphone mode / School model. Power saving design: No power consumption function (such as camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, vibration motor, MP3 function). Card design: Convenient button card. Supportive functions: Strap hole, Main power switch, Computer USB charging.
Card peripherals: The multicolor Bus Card Case: 5 colors.
Mobile Phone Accessories: Host, lithium battery, data cable, charger (Classic only), manual.
The CARD phone has become more and more popular because of its cheap price and exquisite design. It is worth mentioning that most of parents purchase the phone for their children since they are able to know the positions of their kids through the Mobile Map site. So it is a best tool to monitor the children’s whereabouts. If you want to buy a high-qualitied card phone, you have access to the website: the IP traffic of the site is relatively higher than other sites. Most importantly, it has more perfect pre-sales and after-sales service. When you have any problems, you can contact them. They are willing to help you and give you satisfied answers.

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