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New Customer Read About: Payment Verification

The first time you place an order on, we may need to obtain some faxed / emailed details from you to confirm the payment for your order is authorized.

The reason for this check is that Credit Card payments are often made from stolen credit cards or hijacked Credit Card accounts. We need to make sure that the person / address we are delivering the goods to is truly the same person/ company making the payment.

The purpose of the check is to verify that the person who made the Credit Cardl payment for the Waysale order is aware of the payment and is either the addressee/consignee of the order, or partnered with the business making the order.

Not all first customers will need to go through this checking process, but please check your email in the two days after placing your order and payment in case we are trying to contact you to perform the payment check.

If you are a free web mail user, e.g. Yahoo / Hotmail , or an AOL user, or in fact anyone with an over-aggressive spam filter.

Typically, the information we will ask you to provide to confirm your order is:
(faxed or emailed in an attachment)
1) The front of your credit card showing your full name and the last four digits. (ALL other data should be blanked out)
2) A copy of the front page of a credit card bill/statement from the last 6 months clearly showing your name, last 4 digits of your credit card number, and full billing address. (ALL other data should be blanked out.)

- In cases where you haven't got a credit card we may request a copy of a bank statement or other household bill showing your name and address (with other information blanked out)

It is safe to send this information, because you have blanked out the confidential details.

Please note Waysale also adheres to customer records confidentiality standards that are equivalent to or exceeding standards laid down in the UK Data Protection Act.

After your first order is approved at  Waysale, further checks won't be necessary with future orders.

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