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Newest Digital Power Saver Device CHT-001C

Wholesale Newest Digital Power Saver Device CHT-001C - Waysale.com
  • Use one power star saver for every 24, 000w
  • Save energy efficiently
  • Instant monetary saving
  • Reduce electricity bill by up to 35%
  • Prolong the life of appliances
  • Reduce electrical overheating
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reduce wastage of elecricity
  • Easy to use, maintainence free
  • Stabilise electrical current
  • Surge protection
  • Price: $35.76
    Our Price: $29.75
    You Save: $6.01 (17%)


    This digital energy-saver adopt the latest and high-efficiency electric power saving technology of Germany, This product can provide effective protection for electricity appliances, prolong their lifespan. It is a high-efficiency energy saving device which is designed mainly to meet the demands of household. Reduce electricity bills up to 35%. The three-phase power saver is suitable for commercial.It is really your money saver.

    Main Features:

    •   Save energy efficiently.
    •   Environmental conservancy.
    •   Catches electric wave by digital system to keep voltage steady.
    •   Reduce electricity bills up to 35%.
    •   Easy to use, maintenance free 5. Prolong the lifespan of appliance.
    •   Prolong the lifespan of appliance.
    •   Stabilize electrical current.
    •   Reduce electrical overheating.
    •   It is suitable for commercial.

    With many companies striving to remain profitable in an increasingly competitive global market and with a new international focus on the need for energy conservation, imagine the savings and business opportunities available to you with this new invention that is proven to save upto 35% in electricity costs.

    Easy to operate: Plug this device into a wall socket, not an extension cord or multiple socket and switch on the unit. When you see 2 green LED lights turn on, the unit has started saving electricity; Install one power saver to each phase.

    PRECAUTIONS Precautions: The device must be plugged in firmly. Avoid loose connections; This device can store electrical charge, wait for 10 seconds affter the electrical supply is swiched off before unplugging the device; Keep away from children; Do not tamper, open or repair the POWER STAR Saver by youself, call your dealer or distributor for service.

    Model : CHT-001C
    Rated voltage : 90V-250V AC
    Temperature : 15B0C-60B0C
    Rated frequency : 50Hz-60Hz
    Load : 24000 w
    Power consumption : 24,000W

    Availability: Usually ships within 24-48 hours
    Shipping: Can ship anywhere
    Weight: 0.8 kg

    Average Customer Rating: 4 based on 1 reviews. Write a review.

    Positive Customer Review
    More power! More Saver!
    I a very impressed with the power saver, it really works. as usual, it costs me 300 buks for the power using, but for now, it is 20% down. great.