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PH-007B Patrol Eagle Police Card(YK015)

Wholesale PH-007B Patrol Eagle Police Card(YK015) - waysale.com
Price: $355.68
Our Price: $302.23
You Save: $53.45 (15%)


Specification :

  • PCI Port
  • DSP Operation Frame
  • Digital Record and Play
  • Different Dynamic Voice Coding Velocity:32Kbps ADPCM; 64Kbs PCM
  • DTMF Check
  • Generation and Detection Arithmetic
  • Calling Identity Delivery Function
  • ST-BUS,MVIP-BUS Cables    
  • Card with Processor and Great Capability Storage
  • Driver :Mulicenter Programme
  • TTS(Text to Speech Function
  • Technical Feature:
  • Port Mode:Teo-lines Simulate Relay
  • Port Impedance:600ohm 
  • Frequency Size:300Hz-3400Hz
  • Flash Storage:32K-256K Byte
  • Digital Language:A/u=law PCM,ADPCM
  • Data Speed:64Kbs,32Kbs,16Kbs 
  • Exchange Function:256 Alleyway Directness Exchange
  • Logic1:1200Hz+1%
  • Data Transfer Type:Binary System
Availability: Usually ships within 24-48 hours
Weight: 1.5 kg

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