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PH-T-2A Intelligent Auto-dial Alarm Mainframe (YK009)

Wholesale PH-T-2A Intelligent Auto-dial Alarm Mainframe (YK009) - waysale.com
Price: $47.32
Our Price: $40.31
You Save: $7.01 (15%)

  • Great Price ~~New Product ~~
  • Easy to set up;Easy to use ;Easy to get help; Never out of date


  • Wireless Defence with Telephone
  • Defence:Steal;
  • Detect: Gas Leak
  • SOS Function
  • Auto-dial:4 groups numbers
  • Turn to Batteries in Support after AC consumed
  • Package Including:
  • Alarm Mainfram;Wireless:1
  • Gate magnetism:2 P
  • Remote Control:2
  • High BD Alarm:1
  • Power Adapter:1
  • Telephone Link-wire:1
  • Insurance Card:1
Availability: Usually ships within 24-48 hours
Weight: 1.5 kg

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