16GB 2.8 Inch Touch Screen MP3 MP4 Video Player with FM Turner Reviews
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Wall_E (Guest)
Perfect replacement mp3 player for ipod
This Mp3 is pretty good,I really like this MP4 player, as it is really good for the price and features. I do agree with the other reviewer that the downside is that you cannot create playlists. Another drawback is that ocassionally when plugging it into my computer, it does not recognize the device and so I have to keep trying. Also, the touch screen is not as responsive to touch as I would like and sometimes it takes a while to get to the file I want. Other than that, I really like the player. I like the fact that it is a music and movie player and has radio, and an e-book reader too. The sound and picture quality is great. I have gotten the videos to work as well. I have loaded both my own videos as well as converted movies onto the player and it works nicely! You just have to use the driver disc that comes with it and install the AVI converter (320x240) onto your computer and convert all your video files to avi files that are specifically 320x240 size.
Found: 1
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative