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Annienygma (Guest)
64-bit download update
Left a review earlier when I had not received 64-bit download link; while I did not receive email response I managed to contact live support on this site; within minutes of explaining the situation and giving my invoice # the rep corrected the oversight and provided me with the link I needed. Both the 32 and 64 bit versions of this software work perfectly and I will buy again and highly recommend to others! Thanks WaySale!
Have not received 64-bit download
I purchased this product and promptly received the 32-bit download link. The 32-bit version works great but I ordered this primarily for the 64-bit that is also included. In other products I receive two links but even after emailing this company I have NOT received the 64-bit link or even a response. Please note this if you need the 64-bit version.
Rashmi W. Kumar (Guest)
Windows 7: 4x better than XP, 5x better than Vista, and either equivalent or better than Mac!,
Just to show that I'm a reviewer to be trusted, I will give my computer information: I have a MacBook Pro 15-inch with a 320gb hard drive (on the actual computer it displays it as 290) and the top notch hardware features. I run a dual boot system with Windows 7 on it so I can run all my programs that are not compatible with Mac. It splits my hard drive into a 220 drive for my Mac OS X and 72 for my Windows 7. here's my experience of 7: love it, love it, love it!!! Let me start off with a pros and cons list:

- as in the 7 commercial: "snappy and responconsive (spelled incorrectly purposely)"
- never a bit of lag or slowness. this thing is faster than my Mac OS X side!
- full driver support. not one problem with it yet.
- that macs crash less than Vista is true. that macs crash less than windows in general is a false statement. i'm not prepared to tell you how many of my friends' macbooks with leopard on them have crashed in the past year (im in high school and a trained intern in IT). my computer hasn't crashed once yet with 7
- everything looks cool, maybe cooler than mac! my friends saw me using this, apparently thought it was on Mac OS, they said without any knowledge that it was windows "that is the coolest looking screen i've ever seen!!." pretty good testimony, no?
- taskbar, which is half-inspired by the mac dock, is frickin sweet! brings the best of both the dock and the windows taskbar! seriously!
- amazing compatibility. the compatibility on this thing is redesigned. i use 10 windows xp exclusive programs on here, and they work like a charm, WITHOUT EVEN ACTIVATING COMPATIBILITY MODE! this is serious! Does anyone remember the game Knights of the Old Republic? does anyone recall that it doesn't work on Vista and won't work with XP since it is incompatible with half of the new graphics cards? well listen to this: i got it working on Windows 7! seriously! a program that was supposed to be compatible with XP, was not, but now works on 7! ha! and this was without compatibility mode turned on!
- windows 7 themes are outstandingly beautiful. sometimes i even activate show desktop just to look at it. when i do, i let out a sigh of pleasure like this: "aaaaaaahhhhhh"
- the clean install is the fastest i've ever seen on a computer. seriously! it is! it usually takes on average for any os about 45 mins to an hour. on 7 ultimate it took me 25 minutes! now that's great!
- more, but there are too many to name on such a short notice

- all but flawless. theres a few bumps here and there, but nothing that ruins my experience in the least bit. will be worked out in future updates, as they already have been

there's one thing I must say to all of those who say this is expensive: yes. it may be expensive. but have you ever recalled that Mac computers themselves are actually on average $300 more for the same hardware? so in all these two OS's on their respective computers are actually around the same price range. so ha!

I was going to write some more in my review, but that's really all I can say. not a single major issue, one or two minor issues that are fixable, that's windows 7 for you!

overall: Windows 7 is the best operating system windows has ever developed! and it's already equivalent to Mac OS X, if not better!
Found: 3
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative