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The Gunner's Central Midfielder Cesc Fàbregas wears Barcelona soccer jersey

After lengthy transfer negotiations, Barcelona fc  have finally got their man. Recently crowned European Champions, Barcelona have taken another step towards total global supremacy by signing former Arsenal fc captain Cesc Fàbregas. But will one of the Premier League’s most formidable players in decades be a success in La Liga?

Only time will tell, but I would hazard an empathic sí! based on what we already know. First of all, the 24-year-old midfielder knows his new teammates well enough and knows how they operate a mean tiki taka to even meaner effect. It’s well known that he already plays with many of them at national level, but it’s a little less well known that the he also played alongside Lionel Messi at youth level before joining Arsenal. So it shouldn’t be long before they pick up where they left off and start destroying all comers.

There are, however, a few practical questions surrounding Fàbregas’ move. In particular, how he will fit into the team behind two of the finest midfielders of recent years – Xavi and Iniesta. This could have one of two outcomes: Fàbregas could either become embroiled in a fierce battle for a place in the line-up or he might simply ease himself into position and start a new glory era for the blaugrana. 

Barcelona’s opening league fixture takes place against Malaga so we don’t have to wait long to see how Fàbregas fits into Pep Guardiola’s squad and how he’s received by one of the most ardent groups of supporters on earth. So why not show you’re support early by ordering the Barcelona 2011/12 Home Shirt with the midfield dynamo’s name emblazoned on the back? You could be buying a piece of history.

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